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Oil & Gas Leasing Reform

Throughout the West, the fossil fuel industry has utilized our public lands to supply our country with oil and gas. However, with the current oil and gas leasing process, this has given extractive resource companies the ability to lease public lands that have little to no potential for resources and require little financial investment from the oil and gas companies themselves.

In Nevada, these leases are often sold for rock-bottom prices, as little as $1.50/acre and often sit idle. Once an area is leased for extractive resources, other activities like hunting, camping and hiking are often not prioritized by the land managing agency. Between 2011 and 2020, over 5 million leased federal acres in NV were relinquished without ever having produced oil or gas.

For leases that are sold in NV, taxpayers are also not getting a fair return, due to an outdated rental rate that have not been raised in decades to account for inflation, Nevada taxpayers have lost out on approximately $50 million in rental revenue on federal oil and gas leases over the last decade alone.

We are committed to working with our state and federal decision makers to ensure that our public lands are managed for all of its users, and especially for wildlife.