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Secretarial Order 3398 Returns a Balanced Approach to Public Lands and Waters that Benefit All People

Nevada Wildlife Federation and Partners to Host “Protecting the Ruby Mountains and Reforming Oil & Gas Leasing on Public Lands” with the Offices of Senators Rosen and Cortez Masto
April 29, 2021

Press Release

RENO, NEVADA (April 16, 2021) — Today, Secretary of the Interior Haaland issued Secretarial Order 3398. This order will help ensure our public lands and waters are managed for all stakeholders and takes a great step forward in transitioning the nation to net-zero emissions. The Nevada Wildlife Federation looks forward to working with Interior Secretary Deb Haaland and the Interior Department to ensure Nevada’s public lands are managed for all public land users and wildlife.

“The Nevada Wildlife Federation applauds Secretary Haaland’s order 3398, which demonstrates this administration’s commitment to restoring a balanced approach to how our public lands are managed, says Russell Kuhlman, Executive Director of the Nevada Wildlife Federation. The previous administration’s “Energy Dominance” policy was really focused on removing environmental safeguards and prioritizing oil and gas CEOs over everything else. With the Biden administration’s calls for advancement in renewable energy, now is the time to include all stakeholders on how best to balance America’s need for energy with our need to explore, conserve and improve our public lands.”