Walker Lake Aquisition/Transfer

Save Walker Lake

How you can help … before it is too late

A watery gem amid arid land, Walker Lake is a treasure worth discovering. It is home to a threatened species of trout, migrating waterfowl and the solitude of Nevada’s Great Basin. Walker Lake is a haven for boating, fishing, camping, hiking and bird watching. The lake’s fresh-water ecosystem is in danger of collapse due to upstream water diversions that leave little or no water for the fish and birds that depend on them. You can help.


The Internet is full of information to keep you current on the campaign to save Walker Lake. Here are a few recommended sites:


Contact your congressional delegates and statehouse representatives and let them know that you support efforts to save Walker Lake as a fresh water fishery, which is home to threatened Lahontan cutthroat trout and thousands of migratory birds.


Become a member of the Walker Lake Working Group and volunteer. Call (775) 573-2581 for information or visit www.walkerlake.org.


Financial resources are needed to continue the campaign to save Walker Lake. Donate online at www.walkerlake.org or send checks to:
Walker Lake Working Group
P.O. Box 867
Hawthorne, Nev., 89415