Dear Outdoor Enthusiast:

Whether you are a hunter, an angler, or just a lover of Nevada’s great outdoors, the Nevada Wildlife Federation’s (NvWF) Sportsmen’s Action Network at provides an easy way to stay informed on current issues, become involved, and do your part to safeguard and promote those values that protect and preserve Nevada’s wildlife and habitats. The NvWF’s Sportsmen’s Action Network will provide you with a directory of local, state, and federal officials that you may contact to express your opinion on any issue that affects Nevada’s wildlife directly or indirectly. This includes all land development issues, hunting and fishing regulations, pressure from outside interests, pending legislation, and an up-to-the-minute status on particular species such as Mule deer, Sage grouse or Lahontan Cutthroat trout. This works automatically through an e-mail notification whenever an issue involving wildlife or wildlife habitats surfaces.

Your involvement can be as little as an e-mail to a governmental agency or your local lawmakers to express your view(s) on pending legislation and land-use decisions; or you may volunteer to help on local restoration projects or advisory committees. The NvWF is always seeking new members, but membership is not required for partaking in the Nevada Sportsmen’s Action Network. You may determine your own level of participation by simply providing us with your e-mail address — rest assured that we will protect your privacy by not sharing or selling your e-mail address. It will only be used to automatically notify you when hot button wildlife issues arise.

Your voice, when combined with others, can provide valuable direction for decision-makers in our state. For instance, a couple of major issues of prime importance to our members may illustrate the use of our Network. The steady decline of the Sage grouse in the western region of the United States is a result of gross neglect of habitat that affects numerous species and can be tied directly to the drastic reduction of healthy winter graze for Mule deer, fragmentation of habitat, increased invasive plants, and subsequent wildfires. We, as sportsmen and wildlife enthusiasts, need to address Sage grouse decline in every land-use plan and in every action taken on public lands in Nevada in order to avoid the loss of access to public lands — a tragic situation where everyone from ranchers to Mule deer hunters could suffer.

The insatiable consumption of water from one Nevada basin after another is being allowed by the state engineer, and the resulting decline of wildlife and native lands throughout the western region is evident. The Las Vegas Valley Water District has already made a full-scale assault on water basins in Lincoln and White Pine counties, and the ultimate seizure of urban water from northern Nevada is just a matter of time. Water should not be used as a commodity. The negative repercussions to the health, safety and welfare of the land are staggering when water is bought and sold with no regard to wildlife and habitats.

The use of the Nevada Sportsmen’s Action Network allows us to communicate quickly via our website and direct e-mail with other like-minded individuals. We invite you to join our network, visit our exciting new website often, and of course we would love to be able to count you among our valued members. As a Nevada resident, it is your right and duty to express your opinion on the community and environment. The NvWF will make it easy for you to do that through the Nevada Sportsmen’s Action Network.

Working for Wildlife,

Robert P. Gaudet

Robert P. Gaudet, President
Nevada Wildlife Federation
(702) 438-2485 – Southern Office