Corn Creek Crawdad Removal

In past years, members of the Nevada Wildlife Federation (NvWF) volunteered to help with a crawdad trapping project at Corn Creek, Desert National Wildlife Range.  Three ponds at Corn Creek provide habitat for the Pahrump Poolfish, an endangered species.  Manse Spring, the historical habitat for this species dried up in the 1970s.  Fortunately, some of the fish were rescued and placed in refugium habitat at several locations in Nevada.  One of which is the ponds at Corn Creek.  In the fall of 1997, the Fish and Wildlife Service started an intensive crawdad trapping project in an attempt to project the Pahrump Poolfish from predation by crawdads. 

The Fish and Wildlife Service provided traps, bait and buckets.  In addition, crawdads can be easily caught using a fishing pole with chicken for bait.  NvWF volunteers have trapped up to 500 crawdads in a single day.  Corn Creek is a pleasant, shady location with good opportunities for bird watching while you are waited for the traps.

The area and conservation methods have changed significantly since this event, and they do not have any open fishing for crawdads anymore.  So those interested in catching them should contact the Refuge Manager, Amy at:  702-879-6110 or, before coming out.  

If you are interested in helping out in similar programs, please let us know!

NvWF thanks each volunteer for their support!