June 14th – The 2018 Nevada Sporting Community and Conservation Round Table

Save the Date and mark your calendars…
Thursday, June 14th
5:30 PM

Sportsmen’s Warehouse, 3300 Kietzke Lane, Reno

The Nevada Wildlife Federation and the National Wildlife Federation Present:
The 2018 Nevada Sporting Community and Conservation Round Table

Come and join us for an evening of lively discussion about some of the most relevant and important issues facing the sporting and wildlife conservation community in Nevada.  Nevada is the envy of sportsmen from all over the country and is truly a sporting paradise.  With nearly 60 million acres of public land, abundant world class big game and upland game populations along with world class fisheries, outdoor recreation like hunting, fishing and camping are what make Nevada so unique and special.

This forum will be both informative as well as a call to action.  Sportsmen need to know about threats to public lands, wildlife and wildlife habitat.  We need to think about  what we can do as a community to help insure that our sporting heritage is passed on to future generations and that our public lands and wildlife remain abundant and accessible to everyone.  all of us.

We will be discussing current issues in wildlife conservation in Nevada, as well as, what actions we can take as a community to ensure the future of our public lands and wildlife resources.

Topics will include:
·         Habitat loss due to wildfire and invasives
·         Public land access in jeopardy from state land sales
·         Federal land transfers and/or sales
·         Military Land Withdrawals (no access to public)
·         Feral horse over-population and their impact on other wildlife
·         Energy development (wind, solar, oil exploration) and mining
·         And other relevant topics

We will have leading experts in these areas presenting, as well as, representatives from federal land management agencies and state and federal fish and wildlife agencies taking questions.  We need you, members of the sporting public to attend.  An informed sportsmen’s community is a powerful sportsmen’s community. This forum is as much a call to action as it is a place to learn and to answer your important questions.

What we take for granted today could be gone tomorrow if sportsmen are not diligent about staying informed and being involved in the political decision-making process.  Please put it on your calendar, Thursday, June 14th  5:30 PMand plan to attend. If you have additional questions, please contact Eric Petlock at epetlock@gmail.com.